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 Experience simplified system setup and camera management and a feature rich intuitive system Designed for the Video Surveillance Market & Usability.



An Easy User Interface System for your Security

Sibell ™ provides an exceptional user-friendly Interface designed with advanced technology and embedded to create a system that is both usable and secure. The Sibell™ series of Recorders are powerful adaptive and provide superior image quality and system stability. Experience simplified system setup and camera management and a feature rich intuitive system. Experience Sibell ™

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sibell modular design

Easy to use Modular Design that is both Expandable and Reliable

Menu selections are modular, on screen and simple to use. Sibell™ took this feature rich GUI and presented menu selection in a manner that is accessible and usable. Directly move between each function from anywhere.

Quick Launch Tool Bar & Start Menu

From any view you can quickly access the menus utilizing the conveniently designed startup button and quick launch tool bar. Move in and out between layouts, Record, live preview and backup modes, quickly and easily.



Simple Startup Wizard

Convenient simple setup, using the Sibell ™ Setup Wizard. The Startup wizard will guide you thru the system setup. Create a unique password at first time boot for enhanced security, auto detection of cameras on the network, record mode setup


Sort and filter by IP camera addresses to help quickly add multiple cameras, quick add to live preview mode, 16 times digital zoom, Instant playback features. 3D PTZ Control for flexible camera views


Supports more channels with dual-stream recording and playback. Save storage by setting bitrate consumption for different situations. Record different camera streams into separate storage group. Time Slice smart event search and event selection backup, click and drag backup during playback.


Powerful web client that is also feature rich, easy to use and built for the user. For Mobile devices smart phones, tablets, iPhone and IPads download the Sibell™ Mobile app. Use these remote methods to Control Live view, playback, and backup, from anywhere you may be.

sibell devices

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