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The Growth of Mobile Applications in Video Security

October 20, 2016 Sibell Blog, Company News
The growth of mobile applications in video security have allow consumers the ability to control security and IOT devices instantaneously and are fueling revenue growth in the residential marketplace.

Today’s video security systems must be accessible, inter-connected and able to communicate with each other. With these advances in Mobile applications in video security technology and with the rise of IOT, the industry has created fresh opportunities for dealers and integrators. Additional opportunities to offer more services, technology and to fuel growth in the residential security sector.

Most home owners and consumers, desire the convince of accessing their security systems from their mobile device, with the expansion and affordability of smart phones, consumers have come to expect technology companies to have a way to keep them connected using applications like Sibell Mobile.

Essentially, being connected via a mobile device has become a social normality and having accessible easy to used applications like Sibell Mobile as a part of your video security package, is an essential benefit to your video security program.

The traction mobile applications in video security has gained is in part for the interest in controlling and monitoring video security systems. Mobile applications in security have the ability to keep customers engaged with the security systems on a regular basis, and have proven effective for security dealers and integrators in improving retention of existing customers while also driving new customer growth.

Mobile applications have transformed video security from and experience, where we once were required to drone through hours of video clips, the mobile device receives video exactly when the customer wants it and how they want to receive it, and when they want to receive it.

The bottom line is that growth of mobile application in video security is changing the residential security market.  By thinking strategically on how new technologies can positively benefit the consumer, security dealers and integrators can generate new revenue opportunities and create lasting connections with customers.

Sibell Security systems were designed to help the user look after their security system from wherever they may be. Sibell Technology currently offers Sibell Mobile Free with any Sibell Security system. Sibell mobile is available for IOS and Android in the Google play store and the apple app store.


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