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Sibell™ a New User Friendly High Definition Video Security Brand

August 17, 2016 Sibell Company News, Product Updates

Sibell™ a new user-friendly high definition video security brand; Provides users with a complete product line created to compete in the security industry and drive ROI. The Sibell product line includes IP Network Security cameras, HDTVI Technology as well as HD over Coaxial cable solutions, that include cross technology Quadbrid security cameras and DVRs.

What sets Sibell apart

What sets Sibell™ apart in the physical video security market is its feature rich user-friendly GUI that is embedded into Sibell DVRs and NVRs.  Sibell™ products were designed for the best video security experience and developed to provide clear HD video, to be user-friendly, adaptable and affordable for basic and complex installations. We strive to create professional quality products that are flexible,usable, HD and affordable.

Corss Technology Quadbrids & HD over Coax

The affordable High Definition over coax series utilized both HDTVI Technology and Cross Technology security cameras called Quadbrids. Sibell™ Quadbrid cameras utilize HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD and Analog outputs and are compatible with most DVRs brands that utilize those technology’s. Sibell’s Cross technology DVRs or Quadbrid DVRs, can accept cameras in HDTVI, AHD, IP Network or 960H analog. Sibell™ security cameras are directly compatible with Sibell™ DVRs but both Cameras and DVRs are able to integrate with other camera lines, including ONVIF 2.0 devices.

High Definition IP Network

The Sibell™ IP Network security camera line creates a high definition megapixel experience ranging from 2 Mega Pixels to 5 Mega Pixels to start. We feature a variety of camera styles and lens types including Pan Tilt and Zoom Security cameras and cameras with motorized Zoom functionality. Sibell™ security cameras have ONVIF 2.0 and are compatible with NVRs that support ONVIF 2.0. Sibell™ IP cameras also have a user-friendly web based software and have a feature rich chip set, that makes them ideal for most environments.

Network Video Recorders

Sibell™ NVRs (Network video recorders) are also available to expand surveillance jobs large or small, these NVRs will receive H.265 video coding to save hard drive space for high Mega Pixel video recording and accept ONVIF cameras so that a customer may utilize other camera brands with the user-friendly GUI of the Sibell NVR/DVR security recorders.

User-friendly Interface

The User Interface is one of the best camera management systems on the market. It features an easy to read and use modular design, quick launch tap and touch tool bars, as well as feature rich playback, video search recording options. The powerful playback and recording features of Sibell’s interface include time slice smart search and event search making Sibell™ and ideal video security solution.

Sibell™ not only provides a user-friendly GUI and High Definition Video we also offer, quality, flexibility and affordability.

We invite you to Experience Clarity and Experience Sibell™ for your next video surveillance installation.

Please contact a Sibell™ to set up a product demo or training.

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